6 Organic Coffee Shops around Phoenix

6 Organic Coffee Shops around Phoenix

Many of us believe in the importance of eating organic fruits and vegetables whenever we can. But have you ever thought about how much coffee you drink? And of the importance of your coffee being organic? Coffee is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops that humans consume worldwide, so your choice in coffee may be more important than we realize. Not to worry! Here are six Valley local options:

The Organic Bean Cafe

Organic Bean Cafe is a family-owned coffee shop serving only organic, fair-trade coffee, organic nut milk, and organic syrups. Also offering vegan, gluten-free, and ketogenic option. Plus, the entire shop was built by the owners with repurposed materials and refurbished equipment.

Facebook | 40 N. Macdonald St., Mesa, Arizona 85201

Mama’s Cold Brew

A local Phoenix coffee company, Mama’s Cold Brew serves organic cold brew coffee, paired with hand-crafted creamers, the signature of which is the vanilla sweet cream. Their coffee is brewed for 24 hours in a unique blend of spices. 

mamascoldbrew.com | Available around the Valley. See website. 


Not actually coffee! Amazingly, Teaspressa is organic tea that’s made like coffee, with a body and robust flavor similar to that of coffee. So, why not give it a try? Get the best of both worlds by enjoying the caffeine kick and fullness of a cup of coffee with the enhanced flavors of tea and all its health benefits.

Teaspressa.com | Locations in Arcadia, Scottsdale, and Downtown Phoenix. See website. 

Fair Trade Cafe

Fair Trade Cafe started with an intention to bring fair trade, organic coffee to the Downtown Phoenix Art District. Also serving baked goods, breakfast and smoothies, Fair Trade Cafe is conveniently off of the Phoenix light rail, with easy access to the new bike share program.

azfairtrade.com | 1020 N. 1st Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003

WhereUBean Coffee

Since 2013, WhereUBean has been crafting espresso-based drinks using Intelligentsia Coffee’s Black Cat Organic Espresso. Located near Ahwatukee, WhereUBean offers a selection of coffee, organic teas or baked goods.

Facebook | 4804 E Chandler Blvd., Phoenix, Arizona 85048

Bergies Coffee Roast House

Offering a selection of Fair Trade and Organic coffee, Bergies was founded in 2008 by the Bergeson family in Gilbert, and is located in a cottage in the historic Heritage District Of Gilbert. Bergies prides itself on its artisan quality coffee. All beans are Small batch roasted on site by the Bergeson family members.

bergiescoffee.com | 309 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234

5 Smart Ways to Stay More Hydrated This Summer

5 Smart Ways to Stay More Hydrated This Summer

“But doesn’t iced coffee contain water?”

We’ve all been there this time of year in the Phoenix Valley. It’s very easy to become dehydrated in the summertime – not to mention sunburned. While these are issues nearly year round, they are particularly true in the summer months in much of Arizona. 

But how much should you drink per day? According to the Mayo Clinic, about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids for men, and 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women. But that may change in different environments: Hot or more humid monsoon weather can require additional fluid intake, as can high altitudes. 

Why does hydration matter so much? It is critical for several reasons beyond sweating and body temperature stability, as it also helps regulate bowel regularity and reducing kidney stones. 

In that case, here are four tips for hydrating yourself this summer: 

1. Invest in a New Water Bottle

Just like a new workout outfit can help motivate you to show up at the gym on Monday, a gorgeous new refillable water bottle can feel like a real upgrade. And these days they come in just about every design and color imaginable. Get one, and then take it everywhere you go. 

2. Drink Better Tasting Water

May people drink tap water, but most people will prefer the taste (and possible health benefits) of drinking filtered water. This can be accomplished with either a simple water filtered like those made by Brita, or you can by filtered water at the grocery store. Then, through in lemons, cucumber slices, berries, mint, or whatever else seems appealing. 

3. Get More Water Through Food

Luckily, lots of the best tasting summer foods are hydrating. Think of watermelons, cucumbers and stone fruits. All of the have high water content. Also, cherry and grape tomatoes are packed with hydration and easy to pack too.

4. Watch Out for Coffee and Alcohol 

Alcohol and coffee are diuretics. Mimosas and rose all day will not keep you hydrated. Nor will your favorite cold brewed coffee. So, try to fight the temptation to drink those all day in the hot sun. 

5. Reach for Water First

But if fail to heed caution to the above, make sure to reach for water first. Consider drinking 16 ounces of water immediately before you move on to other beverages that may contain caffeine or alcohol. And also intermittently throughout your meal, event, an entire day.  

Yes, You Need to Wear Sunscreen in the Winter

Yes, You Need to Wear Sunscreen in the Winter

Standing in the sunscreen aisle at any store can be an overwhelming, confusing experience. All those different brands, different SPF’s, and different claims of sun protection can leave your head reeling. How do you know which works best? Or which one is the best for you skin type? And do any of them even work at all?

To add to the confusion, Consumer Reports recently released research that showed that 43% of sunscreen products didn’t live up to the sun protection they promised on the label. In one example, a sunscreen claiming it was SPF 50 only gave the wearer a level of SPF 15 protection! On the whole, Consumer Reports has shown the same results year after year. They also state that chemical sunscreens, those with avobenzone, fair better in their tests than mineral sunscreens, which contain zinc or titanium dioxide.

The main reason for the deceptiveness of sunscreen brands is that the FDA does not always test sunscreens, even though companies are required to do so. Companies only have to provide their results if the FDA asks for them, which means sunscreen brands can often getaway with not living up to the statements and claims made on their products’ labels.

To help you choose the right sunscreen and get the most benefit out of it, below you’ll find some help hints.

The Right Formula

These days, sunscreen comes in a ton of different forms, including creams, lotion, sticks, and spray. If you often forget to apply sunscreen in the morning, those stick and spay ones can come in handy. You can keep them in your purse or bag and apply them throughout the day when you remember. If you love sticking to a routine, then you can make a sunscreen lotion a part of your daily beauty regime, applying it the morning before you do your makeup.

It’s also a good idea to try out these different kinds of sunscreen. The spray sunscreen can dry out your skin, but it’s easy to apply, while sunscreen lotion can have a strong smell, if you’re sensitive to such things. The best thing you can do is tryout different brands to find one that you like and that fits your lifestyle.

When choosing a sunscreen, be sure to look for one that has at least a SPF of 30, if not higher, and one that has the phrase “broad spectrum” on the label. Also, look for a sunscreen that has some water resistant ability so that it will stay on through sweat and any outdoor water activities.

How to Wear Sunscreen

It’s important that you wear sunscreen everyday of the year. Hey, it’s not just during the dogs days of summer that you need sun protection! Make sure to apply your sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you head outside and do so before you get dressed and reapply it every two hours, especially if you’re in the water or sweating a lot.